Saturday, July 05, 2008

Will someone please get this guy a cross?

And help him mount it?

As a writer who does not subscribe to the "politically correct" ideology, it is reasonable to expect that, sooner or later, they will come for me. Of course I also realize that, in making this statement, I will be mocked by the usual jackals. But in light of what has already happened in this province and country, my assertion is reasonable.

Moreover, I write with the sincerity of a man who has already tasted the New Canadian tyranny, and the threat of imprisonment without due process, under the feminist rewrite of Ontario family law.

I was born a free citizen of the Old Canada and before her God I declare, that I will go to jail rather than acknowledge the legitimacy of any "human rights" commission. I invite other journalists and indeed, every other Canadian, to declare likewise.

[An urgent request from Dr. Dawg Jackal.]

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