Saturday, September 01, 2007

419: a found poem

good day

permit me to inform you

of my desire

of going into business transaction
with you

i got your name and contact
from the ivories
chamber of commerce and industry

i prayed over it
and selected your name
among other names
due to its esteeming nature

and there commendations
given to me
as a reputable
and trustworthy person
that i can do business with

and by there commendation
i must not hesitate
to confide in you
for this simple
and sincere business

i am ken quattara

the only son
of late mr. koffi quattara

my father
was a very wealthy
cocoa merchant

in abidjan
the economic capital
of ivory coast

my father was poisoned
to dearth
by his business associates
on one of their outings

on a business trip

my mother died
when i was a baby
and since then my father took me
so special

before the death
of my father
on march 2005
in a private hospital
in abidjan

he secretly called me
on his bedside
and told me

that he has the sum
of seven million
five hundred thousand
united state dollars


in fixed/suspense

in one of the prime bank
in ivory coast
west africa

that he used my name
as his only son
for the next of kin
in depositing of the fund

he also
explained to me
that it was because of this wealth
that he was poisoned

by his business associates

that i should seek
for a foreign partner
in a country of my choice

where i will transfer this money
and use it for investment purpose
such as real estate management
or hotel management


i am honorably seeking your assistance

in the following ways


to provide a bank account
into which
this money
would be transferred to


to serve as a guardian
of this fund
since i am
only 25 years
staying my pastor


to make arrangement
for me
to come over to your country

to further my education
and to secure a resident permit
in your country

moreover please

i am willing
to offer you 30%
of the total sum
as compensation

for you effort
and input

after the successful transfer
of this fund
into your nominate account
in country


you indicate your options
towards assisting me
as i believe

that this transaction
would be concluded
within short period of time

you signify interest
to assist me

to hear from you

soon thanks

and god bless

best regards
ken quattara

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