Friday, August 24, 2007

Day of the Dinosaurs

That absolute ass, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, is now claiming that Sûreté du Québec officers were outed because they were not committing violence, reiterating the SQ's earlier claim to that effect. Is he out of his mind?

Go back and have another look at the infamous YouTube video. Who is being peaceful? Who is being violent? Who is insisting on peaceful protest--and who is carrying a rock?

I might have my own differences with Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti on occasion, but he's right on the money this time, asking a lot of the right questions and demanding answers. So should we all.

Day isn't very happy with Georgetti, asking aloud whether he knew that the protests would turn violent. Given what the rest of the country now knows, perhaps that question might be better asked of Day himself, who would appear to be in a position to have had distant early warning directly from the instigators. Is he worried what a public inquiry might turn up--about his own office?

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