Friday, May 02, 2008

Revisionist history, part deux

The unemployed former poet Kathy Shaidle is getting a mite screechy these days (relatively speaking, I mean). I can appreciate the stress that being on the losing end of a lawsuit must bring, so I should probably be charitable. But I don't feel like it.

Readers will remember that some time ago I posted a picture I found at the Nizkor anti-revisionist site that was supposedly of speech-warrior poster child Marc Lemire. Mark Steyn published the picture too. Turns out it wasn't Lemire. I apologized. Steyn apologized two days later. Case closed, one might think. But somehow Steyn's apology has been interpreted in some dimmer quarters as a scolding of yours truly. I dealt with that here.

Not only has Shaidle vainly and ineptly attempted to exhume that fabrication (the photo was not "faked," and Zundel in the foreground was not the issue): she also has a go at a more recent post of mine concerning allegations by activist Kevin Annett of mass graves of Indian kids near former residential schools. I called for a blogburst on it, because of continuing media silence, and for people to join the Facebook group calling for an investigation of these claims. I was only one of many voices, of course, but a hundred or so bloggers posted on this, and the Facebook group now boasts 2,345 members. If this is what Shaidle calls a "failure," then I hope we soon have many more of them.

Shaidle being Shaidle, of course, she couldn't resist a little flick of racism. In response to my commonsense statement that First Nations people should be centrally involved in any investigation (many of the alleged burials are on Indian land, after all) she says, "Yeah, and we should have handed over the Pickton investigation to Davie Street hookers." Whew.

Do try to get some sleep, Kathy. You need to be nice and fresh for your upcoming libel trial. In the meantime, this on-going crankiness of yours
really doesn't become you.

UPDATE: (May 4) One of Kathy's co-defendants weighs in. Having a few sleepless nights, Kate? (Geeze, lawsuits make people wrangy.)

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