Friday, May 02, 2008

Obama's dog: the Steyn interview

[Having dispatched Barack Obama's wife in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, our indefatigable Mark Steyn here discusses the family dog owned by "the candidate of the insane left."]

DD: Thanks to you, Mark Steyn, we now know more about Michelle Obama, in fact a lot more than anyone wants to know. In your words, "
You’re listening to Michelle Obama talking about her problems. You would think this woman is nuts." I wonder if we might now turn our attention to Obama's housepet, by which I mean, of course, his black Labrador retriever.

MS: Well, with that choice of dog, we can see why Obama's numbers are weakening. The man is race-obsessed. No white or spotted dog for him. The influence of Jeremiah Wright remains for everyone to see, despite all those desperate political denials.

DD: I wonder if you see any significance in the name the Obamas decided to call him by: T-Bone.

MS: This is rather typical of the latte-sipping, elitist Left, isn't it? The name just reeks of blue-state, Eastern privilege. If he had a cat he'd probably call it Champignon. (laughing)

DD: And there goes the vegetarian vote.

MS: Yes, indeed. (laughing)

DD: Let's discuss the personality of this dog for a moment. Let me run a short clip here:

T-Bone: Bow-wow! Arf!

MS: You know, I've rarely heard such a bitter, envious, even angry bark. And there's an obvious sense of entitlement there, too.

DD: Well, in fairness, that last is true of all dogs.

MS: But all dogs don't belong to a person who's running for president. This is really a character issue, isn't it?
The American people aren't about to sit up on command. Americans don't beg, and they don't want free food and regular walkies at the end of a state leash, despite what the limousine liberals think. Just who does this man think he is? Voters will see through all that in a flash. They aren't about to roll over and play dead.

DD: So they won't give Obama a nice warm tongue bath ?

MS: Certainly not. There's nothing fluffy, fluffy, fluffy about the American people. If Obama still manages to take the nomination, he'll find that out when the time comes.

DD: As you probably know, Obama has supported nearly every animal protection bill that was ever presented in Congress.

MS: That doesn't surprise me. There's an obvious conflict of interest here, and your readers should take note of it.

DD: Mark Steyn, a pleasure. I believe you will be discussing Obama's two daughters, Malia Ann and Natasha, in our next interview.

MS: That's right. Those kids are fair game, and I'm looking forward to it.


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