Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stuff you won't see in the MSM on the starboard side of the blogosphere

George W. Bush and his spouse Laura have separated. She's taken a room in a hotel because she's fed up with Dubya doing the nasty with Condi. (Who says that Bush "doesn't care about Black people?" Kanye, eat your words.) An ex-CIA agent broke this story on June 1, and since when does the CIA ever get things wrong?

Ms. Rice, according to an unimpeachable authority, has "sexual problems" (read: lesbian). But was this before or after the White House Stud-Muffin introduced her to the horizontal Texas Two-Step? Move over, Bill Clinton, and for goodness sake take that cigar with you. There's a real man in the Oval Office now, and everybody who counts has nothing but praise for him and his senior staff.

(But it gets even juicier, possums. Bush, it seems, has a lavender skeleton in his closet, where he's currently spending his time. Yup, this tireless opponent of same-sex marriage and peerless defender of "traditional family values" took a bit of a walk on the wild side back in 1984. See you on Pride Day, Georgie--but leave the cut-out leathers at home this year, OK?)

Just don't expect to see any mention of this huge story over at Small Dead Animals, Relapsed Catholic or Angry's place. Forget The Shotgun and Andrew Coyne. Nothing at Celestial Junk. Not a word from Mark Steyn. Two weeks the George-Laura split has been in the news, and not a peep out of any of them.

It's a cover-up, nothing less. We are reliably informed (June 2) that two mainstream media sources have already confirmed the matter. And I read all about it in the Globe. Come on, Woodward and Bernstein wannabes! Come on, Helen Thomas! Only the MSM has the courage, it seems, to tell the truth--the truth that right-wing bloggers stubbornly refuse to reveal.

h/t Newshounds, Wonkette

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