Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Final Solution to the Injun problem

As proposed by Kathy Shaidle. Hand out the ol' smallpox blankets, because some drunk bastard exposed himself and his children to -50 degree temperatures, and killed the kids. Just kill 'em all, that'll solve the problem. Shades of General Philip Sheridan.

Does the fact that the aforesaid bastard was a Native person make a difference? Is it relevant? To a racist, certainly. Because we all know that only Injuns get drunk and kill children. Right?

And now--in a typical coward's move--she claims it was all a joke, and goes on to say that no smallpox blankets were ever distributed to Native people.

She's lying. But you knew that.

[H/t Balbulican. And to Sadly, No for the illo.]

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