Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ezra Levant's "facts"

Ezra Levant has now joined Mark Steyn in stating as a fact that employees of the Canadian Human Rights Commission have
committed criminal acts. (At least he was more cautious than his colleague, who named CHRC investigator Dean Steacy as the alleged criminal.)

It seems that both gentlemen like to live dangerously. Unsubstantiated accusations of this nature are clearly defamatory. Truth is a defence in a libel action, however, so I will be interested in the evidence that they bring forward to back up these publicly-stated charges. Otherwise, I suspect that serious paper will fly in their general direction when the dust of the current actions has had a chance to settle. And, if I might be permitted a little Schadenfreude with my popcorn, I look forward to that day with some anticipation.

(H/t Mordechai)

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