Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Be red!

Comrade Alfredsson addresses the masses

All over Ottawa, the flags are flying. It's a good time to be red.

We knew our time would come. We believed. And now, locked in struggle with the pawns of the mighty Disneyland Empire, which has ruled our culture and our politics for far too long, history has decided--or is about to do so.

A new day is dawning over Ottawa, and the old order will be swept aside. Yes, our vanguard was named perhaps too lightly after the rulers of another empire, one long since crumbled into dust, but we are not conjuring up the spirits of the past to our service. We have recovered our humour since the dark days of Comrade Stalin, and there will be dancing in the streets. Our first time was tragedy, the second time farce (and the third time, and the fourth) but now the victory shall be ours.

Comrades! What is to be done? We must leave our workplaces, leave our homes, abandon the marketplaces and rally round our brave fighters as they venture into battle. No sacrifice is too great! Recall the words of Comrade Trotsky: "During the first years after the revolution, battles were going on all over the country, woods and peat-bogs were burning, the fields were bare, and the ducks stopped flying." Recall the words of Comrade Krupskaya, reminiscing about the immortal Lenin:

Vladimir Ilyich was a passionate hunter. He got himself a pair of leather breeches, and prowled about all the swamps in the neighbourhood! They teemed with game, I must say. Arriving as I did in the spring, I had been rather surprised at it all. Prominski would come in – he was passionately fond of hunting too – and say with a huge smile: "The ducks have come over – I have seen them."

We too have seen the ducks. And we will do what needs to be done, what history demands of us. Be red!

UPDATE: (June 7) OK, OK, so this was 1905 and not 1917. Our time will come.

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