Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Kinsella challenge

As just about everyone in the Canadian blogosphere knows by now, Jean Chrétien’s footsoldier-in-exile, the aging punker Warren Kinsella, is suing Ottawa writer and amateur palaeontologist Mark Bourrie.

Mark has counter-claimed for abuse of process, and from my point of view he has reason on his side. The Kinsella suit looks frivolous and vexatious to me. Kinsella has threatened to sue a number of other bloggers in the past, but Bourrie is the first person to stand up to this egregiously narcissistic bully.

I predict he Bourrie will be David to Kinsella’s Goliath. To help provide his five smooth stones, visit here to get his home address, and here for his PayPal account.

I have personally contributed $100 to the defence fund. If 100 bloggers do the same, that should be of major assistance in delivering the ass-kicking that Kinsella so richly deserves. Besides, it will help Mark hold on to his world-class fossil collection.

See you at Mark’s victory party.

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