Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kicking 'em When They're Down

The New York Times reports that the Calvary Bible Church in Milpitas, California, organised a Sunday morning service to comfort believers in Mr Camping's preaching. "We are here because we care about these people," the newspaper quoted James Bynum, a church deacon, as saying. "It's easy to mock them. But you can go kick puppies, too. But why?"
I'll answer that. It's not nice to kick puppies. It's okay to kick the Rapturites. Why, Mr. Bynum?

a) Because puppies were not granted the power of reason and critical thought, two faculties that protect most of us from falling victim to this kind of nonsense.
b) Because puppies don't smugly tell you that they've been singled out by God for special privileges, and unless you listen to them, you're going to suffer eternal torment while they watch you, sipping celestial Mojitos.
c) Because puppies don't ask you to abandon everything humanity has learned over painful millenia about physics, biology, cosmology, astronomy, and accept their absurdly constructed fantasy universe on faith. Well, maybe puppies would if they could speak English - but they don't.

Kick'em again, I say. And if this richly deserved mockery means that ten years down the road, ONE poor shmuck thinks a little bit harder before he mails his life's savings to the next millionaire, it'll be worth it.


Larry Gambone said...

Something that people don't point out about these ravings is how evil they are. They actually want all people (but them) plus all the animals and plants to be destroyed. Not even Hitler wanted that, he only wanted to kill some of the people, not all of them. This Rupture stuff has to be the sickest cult to come along. Not only should we "kick them while they are down" we should treat them as what they are - criminally insane.

Dr. Dawg said...

This appears at my current site as well. Could you repost your comment there?

Kim Leaman said...

Thanks Doctor. Good call!

It was amazing how causually this man of god gave his blessing to kicking puppies. He should have taken Sunday off, just as he had planned to on friday! This is just as ridiculous in 2011 as it was in 1359. I am not a god fearing man but I do fear those who would do absolutely anything in it's name.

There is far too much joy and an absolutely saddistic voyeurism in those who are hopeful of the biblical version of the Apocolypse to suit my temperment.

As for Puppies though, they're OK. good call.

Anonymous said...

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