Friday, January 11, 2008

Death of a troll

...figuratively, anyway.

A nonentity calling himself "roundhead" has been buzzing around recently, making silly comments about me over at Daimnation, and depositing a flyspeck or two at my place. The other day, however, he crossed the line, leaving an obscene message in my combox--all f-words and an accusation of anti-Semitism to boot. So I tracked him down, and, lo and behold, it turns out he works for the Conservative Party of Canada, and was posting from their server. Nice.

My protest to the good folks at CPC has gone unanswered. But "roundhead" had an amateurish and ill-read blog--until today. It's no longer up. Buh-bye.

Cyberspace. It's a jungle out there, I tell you. I am lion, hear me roar. :)

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