Monday, December 26, 2005

Gutless Liberals

Mike Klander's quick step-down has averted another bump in the road for the Liberals, none of whom will now have to apologize, or even acknowledge that a former senior official spent months on a public blog expressing odious racist, sexist, homophobic and ableist comments. They will no doubt all claim ignorance, and indeed the spin-cycle is on full bore: Klander wasn't even playing a role in the current campaign, a "Liberal spokesman" said, with a straight face.

But this kind of refusal to acknowledge responsibility is just one aspect of the Liberals' craven approach to political life. Yours truly has now experienced first-hand the cowardice that is the flip-side of Liberal arrogance.

A blogger who proudly calls himself "Liberal For Life," I have just discovered, has actually banned me from his blogsite, if my readers can believe it. Not for foul language or slander or anything like that, but simply for expressing spirited opposition to the Liberal Party.

This is a new one on me. I've never been banned before, not by the many conservative sites I visit (and on which I make fairly mordant comments on not a few occasions), nor on any progressive sites. But Liberals are a different breed of cat: gutless wonders who threaten to sue people for expressing opposition during an election campaign (Richard Mahoney, Michael Ignatieff), or even get them thrown into the clink (Paul Martin). Anti-Liberal views are banned, threatened, silenced, whatever it takes. Power is all these people believe in.

Too bad for the tender sensibilities of "Liberal for Life," though. The Liberals are totalitarians who deserve the fate that awaits them on E-day--another minority, dependent upon NDP support, which will keep some semblance of decency in play. And I'll be continuing to catalogue their excesses, moral failures and common-or-garden thuggishness all the way.

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